3.0 Site Feature Changes

We made a number of design changes in gearing up for the new WordPress 3.0 multi-site installation. A number of “legacy” features had to be retired.

  • At A Glance“:¬† this wonderful old Perl utility used to tell us when the last change was made in each department. All WordPress departments are now stored in the same database, so getting “file last modified date” is no longer possible for individual parts of the site. Workaround: read our post announcements on our HOME page, or just use the blue Nav bar to visit your favorite departments.
  • Anfy Slides was our time-honored¬† JavaScript mini slide show that showcased some of our hundreds of images in Photos. As attractive as it was, it slowed down page loads and consumed a lot of Home page real estate. Workaround: Visit all our Jalbum Gallery links in Photos.
  • Credits, History, News In A Nutshell and User Reference: moved from th4e HOME page to individual articles or posts. See “Permalinks – Summitlake” in the sidebar margin.

With the May 2013 server change (to Summitlake.com 4.0) we are dropping Java plugin dependencies due to security vulnerabilities. It is simply not worth it to try to keep a few slide shows going.

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