Old Typewriters

Well, these days, any typewriter is “old.” I grew up with typewriters that were already old by the time I was allowed to get my hands on them. By the time I bought my first new typewriter (around 1966), typewriters were about ten years shy of becoming completely obsolete.

Around Junior High School (1956-’58) I started pestering my parents to let me use their typewriter for school papers. My mother and dad had pushed me to learn how to type in the first place (hunt-and-peck, same method they used). But letting the kids access the prized Underwood had high catastrophic potential, so they bought us a much older Remington. I’m pretty sure I remember the model as being “Remington Standard.” The archive photo below looks true to what I remember.

Remington Standard Typewriter

Remington Standard Typewriter

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