3 More Haiku by Alex Forbes

Helix Nebula,
thousand year telegrapher;
worlds, long forgotten.

Lightning flash
illuminates my skyline,
My God, an x-ray!

Weren’t you just here?
we canoed across the lake;
now it’s just water.

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3 Haiku by Fred Leeds

Last ice still melting,
Tiny blossom just sprouted:
Winter’s tree or spring’s?

Sparrow chirping upon branch
Hawk silently descends
Sparrow lifts off: skys end.

Summer rain coming from nowhere
I throw up my hands
and throw off my shirt.

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3 Haiku by Alex Forbes

Dreary late spring rain
waving clouds of leaves
dripping like morning news.

Polished the car
clouds pouring rain
more wax and wane?

Fishing, water, gossip
old friends
float my boat

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