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WELCOME to Summitlake.com’s Writing department. New writing since 2006 is generally posted in WordPress format here in Writing. As listed in the sidebar index, we feature original works by Alex Forbes and our Guest writers. This page was formerly called Writing Notes. It is also home to all our benchmark and legacy writing archives, written mostly since 1990.

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About Writing NOTES

Welcome to WordPress. This is our first post in Writing Notes. It all started when we dashed off a two-part review of a Wallace Stegner novel, All The Little Live Things. We wished we’d had a WordPress installation here in Writing, but we didn’t, so we posted it in My Notes.

That’s OK. Like My Notes, Writing Notes is intended as a place where we can jot down ideas as they occur to us. Not that we aren’t lazy, because we are, but writing and formatting a regular “old-fashioned” HTML page (like most of the rest of the 800 pages on this site) is a lot of work. For every hour spend composing and editing, DreamWeaver can double that time investment, easily. Knowing that upfront sometimes makes the difference between writing an article, and not writing it at all.

For major articles, a blog format just can’t equal the resource-richness of an HTML page composed, edited and uploaded in DreamWeaver. You’ll have noticed our attempts to replace regular department index pages with WordPress where possible (Commentary, and?Computers, to name two). We’ll be the first to admit that, for all the convenience to us, a lot of the features (such as our invaluable AutoList that lists all articles on a site) just don’t port to WordPress. At this writing, we’ve tried to embed AutoList in WordPress, and it doesn’t work yet.

So, the WRITING Index, one of our largest departments, won’t go away soon. The page design may be dated, but it’s predictable, and you can see at a glance C.Bear’s World, Guest Authors, Poems, Short Stories, and a listing of every single article in the department.

So, look here for new short notes. Writing Notes will have links on the WRITING main index page, on the Summitlake Home index page, and elsewhere throughout the site. To see if anything’s new in Writing Notes, you can go to the main home index and look at At A Glance for the last date of update. Of course, you can still go to our regular WRITING index and click the link there.

When, that is, we finish making all the links.

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