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We Welcome submission of original manuscripts to If you’ve decided you’d like to be a Guest Author at,  these guidelines are posted to help you in the decision-making, authoring and manuscript submission process.

First, decide whether your content is appropriate for the website to which you’re submitting material. Become familiar with the website, its editorial philosophy, and existing content.

Appropriate content at is always governed by our site posting “Guidelines“. The Guidelines do not mean that the work of Guest Authors on this site is “approved”, or that it has to meet personal editorial philosophies. The Guidelines set minimum standards of conduct at

We’re always on the lookout for what used to be called “creative writing”: poems, short stories, and essays. We host a lot of delightful material on the Outdoors. If your work tends toward the political or philosphical in theme, or if you just want to know more about what kinds of content we might be interested in hosting, see our masthead article “About This Website” for more information.

We’re most interested in content that’s “a good read”, thought-provoking, challenging, humorous, or just plain fun.

Following are some pointers to help anticipate what you might expect during the submission and posting process.

  •  We do not buy poems, stories, essays or other content. You own the material; we only host it.
  • Be aware our site is organized by “Department” [Commentary, Computers, Astronomy, Writing, etc]. If your manuscript is an excellently written manual for the rebuilding of the 1948 ”255′ Ford flathead engine, we might have a hard time finding a suitable home for your work (but we might try to make one).
  • Short articles work well for us. The longer your submission, the more work for us if work is needed.
  • Submissions must be complete. While a certain amount of editing and tweaking is always expected to ready a web manuscript for publication, it’s up to you to have the content as ready for press as you can make it.
  • The editing that you can and should do needs to be complete, including spell-checking, correction of typographical errors, and proof-reading.
  • In cases where you feel that you have a really good manuscript draft, but know your manuscript needs a little work and you’re unsure how to proceed, let us know up front what you think.
  • To be honest, editing a manuscript is probably tougher than writing it, and we don’t have the professional skills or resources available to guide major rewrites. And, many authors are simply not comfortable fielding editorial suggestions for changes to their manuscripts. So you can usually count on us to make the decision that is easiest for us.
  • We may reject a manuscript at any point prior to publication.
  • We may accept an article, we may accept it with minor revisions, or we may ask you to work with us.
  • If you agree to let us work with you, we may just make suggestions or at some point we may ask you to revise and re-submit.
  • Most manuscripts that find their way to end up published.
  • You have my manuscript and it should be published soon. What happens next?

  • We format your manuscript for the web and upload it to a protected folder.
  • We work together to make any final tweaks or changes that are needed.
  • You approve your content and formatting for web publication.
  • We post to a public area and links for the outside world to find it.
  • Once posted, the document “commits”: it has to stand on its own. The only corrections we support at that point are typographical, factual errors we didn’t catch before, or unexpected issues with web formatting or links (if any).
  • You still own the material and all rights to the content. We post a copyright notice on the article in your name, but you are responsible for finding out how to file for a “real” copyright in the event you feel this is advantageous to you.
  • We post author’s names. We discourage posting of personal email addresses – correspondents can reach you through We do not publish postal or residential mailing addresses or telephones.
  • We hope you have some material you’d like to share with us and our readership. Or, if you’re in the process of writing it, we hope you’ll keep us in mind. To contact us, click the “Write Us” button in the right-hand margin of this page (or just about any other page on this site).



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