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Ain’t Complainin’

This is me posing for some old picture.

This is me posing for this picture.

I don’t like to complain, but my stuffing migration is acting up pretty fierce today. The stuffing in my right arm is all going somewhere else, so I can’t get into my summer “1986” T-shirt anymore, and they’re going to let another Bear wear my shirt. They call me “broad of beam” and then they snicker, but that’s not so fair. Hey, I can’t help it they way they make us in those factories.

So I can’t see too good, either, ’cause my fur keeps covering over my eyes. They ought a trim my eyes like they do them poodles. And my fur does seem kinda scruffy for a Bear of my years. They say I used to get into lots of fights, back when I was staying in the pile for unwanted bears. I don’t remember anything about any fights. There’s no tellin’ how many years ago 1986 really was, in Bear years. I don’t care. I’m pretty easy to get along with, for a Bear.

If you ask me, this business of being middle-age is over-rated. My nose is unraveling and they call it a runny nose. You can’t win. On good days, I just like to sit and watch stuff. We Bears especially like watchin’ the sunshine, and yellin’ at the squirrels in the’ garden, and sometimes we like to watch “Murder She Wrote.” Hey, anybody got a Kleenex?

They can call me “Complainer Bear” all they want, but if you want to get in on my good side, you better just call me C.Bear. The world is a pretty good place to be a Bear, and we have lots of fun adventures together. So we put our heads together and fixed it so you can read all about me and my pals. Hey, it’s our page!

My Stories

Alex has written a bunch of stories about us, mostly without askin’ us. After years and years on the web, they’re published on the Apple iBooks Store. He promises he will finish “C.Bear’s New Story” and upload Edition 2 as a free update to your book (epub) soon!

You can click this link to my book on Apple’s iBooks Store, where you can download a free (abridged) Sample of my book, or buy the whole thing for a whopping $1.99!

You can still find all my stories listed and linked on the web on our Writing Page sidebar. But we find they are easier to read in bed, all in one place and one book, on our tablet!

C.Bear’s World


Pope Stories

The Pope stories have been contributed to us by a talented author who prefers to remain anonymous. We did not write them, but even our own blasé Bears admire this hauntingly Byronic “Pope” Bear very much, and they would like one day to meet him. We find these stories intriguing, captivating, and delightfully rich in depth of perception. Stories by anonymous.

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