Reflection On Seeing the Evening Star

High over the southwest horizon a bright white light hovers, no doubt to follow the flight path approach to the airport to our north. And this head-on aircraft approach often gives the illusion of motionlessness. But no, tonight it is locked unblinking on its track through the darkening sky, the evening star Venus being the brightest object to command our eye.

And later on the Moon will rise. It should be full in a couple more days. Last night, when it had risen above the towering palm trees, the shiny young palm fronds scattered a hundred pinpoint reflections against a black night sky. It looked like an aerial Christmas tree.

Any day, any evening, any season is a great time and a perfect reason to be alive. Nature is the greatest show on Earth, the only one that gives free bonus prizes to all of us who remember to take the time to watch the pageant unfold.

Alex Forbes
December 15, 2013

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