A Meditation to Myself

vignette by Fred Leeds

Much has been written about intuitive realms of gold, much more about the concrete things of science, but what can imagination and measurable things have in common? In a world that can seem paved over by technology and money, could  my unique intentions play a truly important role? Might a hopeful individuality find its place among ten thousand more established things?

Or is modernity the decisive factor? Do these dreams of mine belong only to mankind’s clumsy, more primitive childhood?

When I look out on the world,  I can detect a  timeless humanity working out its fate on a single stage. As Dickens writes with such telling equivocation in his novel A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of time, it was the worst of times…” While Dickens was referring historically to the French Revolution, he was addressing by implication both his time and ours. Time’s true movements are just that cyclical and interdependent, as history includes one and all times in its dynamic current of  contemporaneity.

Peer with me into the streaming current of the “now,” and you will see humanity’s whole, original form ( mine and yours alike, dear reader) – his eyes at once black, brown, blue and green,  his hands sprung from arms and shoulders not just to punch a keyboard, but to touch the ancient stars.

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