The Time of Your Life – William Saroyan

I’ve created a PDF containing the text to the prologue to the 1939 play by William Saroyan.

It can also be found at any time in the WRITING page sidebar under the heading Quotes & Citations. The passage was sent to me by a friend who’s treasured it since school days. A check of Google shows this passage meant a lot to many who have read it at one time or another. I don’t know how I missed it; it seems particularly relevant at this time in life.

Google Books has scanned the play. Their scan – of the Samuel French play publication – shows the entire passage as a monolithic block of text. Various people have arranged the text into paragraphs to suit their own sensibilities. I have done the same. Amazon is offering two used copies of the play at something in excess of $120, each, so I have not seen the original formatting, and I have no idea how or whether the citation was presented to audiences in productions of the stage play.

But I hope you find this short passage memorable.

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