An Everywhere Idea

by Fred Leeds

The truth is that ideas are very nearly as real as things, and help rule the universe. Take, for example, the tree. It is an Everywhere Idea: A tree springs up wherever its fellow elements – seeds, soil, and water – are already there to bring it about. The tree – every real tree, all possible trees – springs forth with all things from time’s womb.

The same is true of me and you. Like the tree, our humanity is an Everywhere Idea, the universe’s desire to become conscious of itself. We are the eyes of the tree, of the land, of all evolving time. We belong to the One Great Nation of Humanity, and we need to first see ourselves as members of that “category.”

Seeing beyond our categories is a very special ability. It has to do with embracing the living specific, the variety “beneath” the group. When I look into my brother or sister’s face, I see all faces, as I allow for all possible faces. His or her uniqueness supports humanity as an Everywhere Idea. This one’s crooked nose, that one’s unruly hair, the other’s less than perfect intellect – their very oddity confirms them as parts of the whole human, as one with every human, beyond all typing … It is this human that unfolds from, is embraced by, the universal heart.

Fred Leeds ©2009

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