Pattaya Thailand 2011 – Terry White

Terry visited Thailand last month. He writes: “I particularly liked the interaction I had with the Fresh Fish sellers. Got them laughing … Could not resist the Dog and also the Monkey having fun.” … Click image for larger file. Here’s the link to Terry’s Picasa slide show. See also Terry’s galleries in the page sidebar.

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Terry’s Picasa Web Album – Thailand!

Wong Amat Bay 2007 Nov 16 2007

Terry has sent some stunning images of Thailand. They view really nicely on Picasa, where he maintains his web albums. I recommend checking out the slide show – very well done, and beautiful images!

You are invited to view Terry’s photo album: Terry White Photography ©
Terry White Photography ©
Pattaya – Wong Amat – Dec 9, 2007
by Terry
Thai Adventure
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Terry White of Thailand

Two galleries of images from Terry White of Thailand.

We’re delighted to be able to offer two folders of images by Terry White of Thailand from a road trip he took there. Our thanks and gratitude to reader and correspondent Terry for graciously letting us post them.

For most of us, these are just as close as we are ever going to get to Thailand. While few of us will ever go on assignment for the National Geographic, ascending the Himalayas or documenting the endangered Macaw in the Amazon, I see a very special and personally rewarding value in a collection of well-composed travel photos that relates to what you or I might see, were we able to travel to Thailand ourselves.

Images are newly assembled (3-6-2009) into galleries using the JAlbum utility.

Link: Terry White Gallery

All images are of course copyright by Terry White, who writes:

These 39 shots are from a trip with a difference. I decided on this trip to think that I was on a Photographic shoot. Therefore I approached my picture taking from a whole new angle. The days where I took my camera out became a sheer pleasure. I rented myself a small Motor Bike and got to places that I would not normally have ventured to, and I experienced more of the countryside than you would normally do with a Beach Location Holiday.

The camera I took on this trip was a Nikon EM which I had purchased on EBay just before the trip, for the princely sum of £29, including a 50mm E Series lens, I am more than pleased with the Camera.

I asked Terry how he got the film from the fine old Nikon digitized. He replied:

I simply put the film into a Fuji Photo Lab shop asked them to develop only and to put the negatives as a JPG on a CD for me, the cost of each roll of film was 30Baht for develop and 120Baht to then have it put onto a CD, which is approx only $4 per roll of 36.

I also wrote Terry that it isn’t the equipment that counts – here I have recently purchased a high end Canon, but some of the best shooting I ever did was with a 35mm half-frame Rollei the size of a pack of Pall Malls. Terry wrote back:

You know something that I have learned from all this is: Bigger is not always better, what I mean is that I have finally stopped looking at all the most expensive gear and realized that it is your eye for composition than means more than any expensive equipment, also when you are carrying around a camera that hasn’t cost you a arm and a leg you are just more comfortable to just take it any and every where with you.

I couldn’t agree more. And when you look at Terry’s photos, I think you will too!

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