Santa Barbara Moon

DSC04730.jpg Santa Barbara Moon ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

Click image for large 1024×768 desktop picture. Dave Writes: “My trusty Sony does it again! We were walking back from dinner in downtown Santa Barbara (lovely town) Sunday night when this Kodak Moment appeared. No point and shoot this time. No sir-ee. I cheated. I actually leaned the camera against a post, twirled the dial to the crescent moon (Twilight setting), went full telephoto (a big 3X, whoopee) and shot. I then viewed the result and cropped it in the camera. It’s such fun getting 90% of the quality a Professional photog might get, with 10% of the time, money and effort. And all on a five-minute stroll!
Here [is the] cropped photo. Looking at the final on the PC. I’m surprised to find craters clearly visible on the terminus!”

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Elsinore Sunrise

DSCN1779.jpg ... Click image for larger file.

Dave writes: “The colors of the predawn sky reflect off Lake Elsinore in Southern California on Christmas Eve. I was on my way over the Ortega Highway, a favorite motorcyclists playground for the local post-pubescent rice-rocket riders. This is not a road to be taken lightly, as each turn brings the possibility of an oncoming rider, high on testosterone, running over his head and over the line. On this road it’s unusual NOT to be passed by a biker in the middle of a blind turn at 80 mph. They don’t seem to be out before sunrise, so the ride over to San Juan Capistrano is more pleasant in the wee hours.

Nikon Coolpix 5200, no-flash, steadied on a rock.”

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Electrical Considerations

Electrical Considerations

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Mike Huebner writes: "… This is a view out the front of our house last night during a really nice storm. The lightning was my first real attempt to capture lightning with my digital camera. It was an exercise in patience and only paid off about 1 in 5 shots. Fortunately there were a lot of strikes so I did manage to get a few good ones. I like this one the best because of the multiple branching. Gigawatts!"

Companion shot: Bright Orange Sunset

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