Macricostas Hay Field, by Richard

Macricostas hay field

Richard says, “I’ve been hiking around this field for almost 20 years now (it used to be a corn field) and know it well. In a few places on the perimeter you can shoot it in a way that makes it look much larger than it actually is and this is one of those places.” Click image to see full author credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

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B&H Cameras posted a wonderful article on ‘Understanding Bokeh‘ today. I recommend you read it. This image is my favorite of only about three such photos I’ve ever attempted. I previously posted it on this site some years back, and on Flickr three years ago. Click image to see full credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

When I took my photo, I did not know what ‘Bokeh’ meant, or why I so liked the result. My friend Richard Wanderman introduced me to this concept. Richard’s photos regularly grace this page, and he’s a master at Bokeh. The linked B&H article does a great job of explaining the concept, history, and backgrounding of the odd terminology (and pronunciation!)

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TREE REFLECTION by Richard Wanderman

Tree reflection
TREE REFLECTION by my friend Richard, on Flickr. Fujifilm X100T, January 13, 2015, Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. Richard says, “The garden was loaded with cormorants today, more than I’ve ever seen before and many other birds. Never got a shot at any and just as we were leaving I saw a nice tree reflection in a shaded pool. Not sure what kind of tree it is, might be a Ginkgo.”

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