Forbes Family, 1950

Forbes Family 1950.

This scan was sent by my cousin Ron. It shows our family in 1950, on a last visit to my grandparents before driving west to California in 1950. I’m the little twerp on the right.

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Computer Room, 1964

Computer Room, 1964 ... Click image for medium size 600 pixel file.

Computer Room, 1964: I came across this slide scan from our family home in Oakland, California. We lived there from 1952 to 1964. This residence, and most of the neighborhood and hill districts, were leveled to scorched earth in the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley firestorm.

This was my parents’ den and study. The old Underwood typewriter was the best in its day. The keys had a wonderful balanced feel – truly “ergonomic” in an era before the term was coined – and on a good day you really could get up to 60 words per minute. We kids had been given an old, battered used Remington Standard – a truly diabolical device – and I would wheedle permission to use the Underwood every chance I got.

Note the ergonomic computer desk chair. Typical of the homes of the era, much basic “furniture” was built right into the wall cabinetwork. The desktop of this 1940’s design workstation folded right up into the wall when not in use.

Photo: 35mm black and white, Nikkorex 50mm, 1964. Scanned in 1999. The image appears in a sepia tone instead of grayscale because of the chosen PhotoShop setting, if I recall correctly. All the negatives from this era had film emulsions in various stages of decomposition. It took hours to restore the checked and flecked areas in each one. I will try to post some color restorations from time to time. Moral: scan your slides and prints now.

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