Macricostas Hay Field, by Richard

Macricostas hay field

Richard says, “I’ve been hiking around this field for almost 20 years now (it used to be a corn field) and know it well. In a few places on the perimeter you can shoot it in a way that makes it look much larger than it actually is and this is one of those places.” Click image to see full author credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

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Ten Mile River, by Richard Wanderman

Ten Mile River
Ten Mile River by my friend Richard, on Flickr. Ricoh Imaging GR, December 16, 2014, Bulls Bridge, Kent, CT. Richard says, “This piece of the river drys up in summer but when there’s water running it’s very photogenic as the trees on either side are close in giving it a canyon-like feel.”

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Mountain Laurel, by Richard Wanderman

Mountain laurel on Paradise Lane
Mountain Laurel on Paradise Lane, by my friend Richard Wanderman, on Flickr. Sony RX100M3, July 7, 2014. Paradise Lane Trail, Bear Mountain, Connecticut. Richard says, “This was not a good year for mountain laurel and these blooms along Paradise Lane were the best ones we saw on this hike…”

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