B&H Cameras posted a wonderful article on ‘Understanding Bokeh‘ today. I recommend you read it. This image is my favorite of only about three such photos I’ve ever attempted. I previously posted it on this site some years back, and on Flickr three years ago. Click image to see full credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

When I took my photo, I did not know what ‘Bokeh’ meant, or why I so liked the result. My friend Richard Wanderman introduced me to this concept. Richard’s photos regularly grace this page, and he’s a master at Bokeh. The linked B&H article does a great job of explaining the concept, history, and backgrounding of the odd terminology (and pronunciation!)

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H&M is Watching You, by Richard Wanderman

H&M is watching you
H&M is Watching You, by my friend Richard Wanderman, on Flickr. Ricoh Imaging GR, March 25, 2015, Times Square, New York. Richard says, “This H&M billboard went all the way to the ground so it’s a perfect backdrop for these kinds of images and Times Square is loaded with people walking by; all you have to do is wait and shoot.”

We’re watching her watching them, two very real life-size stick figures walking in front of a stunning high-rez billboard graphic. Does her wistful expression suggest she wishes she could change places with these interesting animated figures? H&M is a Swiss-based worldwide apparel outlet.

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PALM TRUNK by Richard Wanderman

Palm trunk
PALM TRUNK by my friend Richard, on Flickr. Ricoh Imaging GR, February 22, 2015, Santa Monica, California. Richard says, “We took a walk along the Santa Monica palisades and I noticed two palm trees with unusual rings on them. I took both RAW and high contrast JPEG images and these high contrast versions looked great to me. The grain added more texture to what was already interesting textured patterns.”

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BIRD ICE by Richard Wanderman

BIRD ICE by my friend Richard, on Flickr. Ricoh Imaging GR, January 2, 2015, Pine Swamp, West Cornwall, Connecticut. Richard says, “Note the bird formed in ice in the upper right (with beak in a muffler it seems). I admit that I didn’t see the bird until I processed the images but I do like it.”

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TULIP TREES by Richard

Tulip trees
TULIP TREES by my friend Richard Wanderman, on Flickr. Canon PowerShot G7 X, November 9, 2014, Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, south of Kent, Connecticut. Richard says, “I’ve shot these enormous tulip trees before and it’s sort of a test for any camera I’ve got. The tilt out LCD on the G7X makes this kind of shot a breeze. ”

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