Camembear Cheese

L1000409.jpg Camembear Cheese ... Click image for larger file.

A few of us were wondering if “the Bears” were getting into the Camembert cheese, since it is going so fast. This photo captures them waiting expectantly, hence, “Camembear”. It’s not so much that they like Camembert, but, you know, sometimes it’s just nice to be asked if you would like to be included. Leica C-LUX 2 mini digital … Click image for larger file.

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Junior Goes Boating

Junior Goes Boating ... Click image for larger 1024 pixel file.

Junior Goes Boating, Phoenix, Summer 2004. Nikon D-100. Being a Bear, Junior can do pretty much anything he wants to, provided he doesn’t violate union rules. Since he pilots our cars from his dashboard perch, he thought he would try his hand at piloting our radio control boat in the pool. The applicable rule in Bear Union Local 222 is: don’t get your paws wet. Everyone was very careful, and Junior got a great ride without getting busted for an infraction of any rules or regulations.

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