Goodyear Blimp in Wales, UK

Terry writes: “Photography really is a moment of opportunity. I was in my garden on Sunday taking a shot of the bamboo and trying to capture the mood of the sky. I put my camera in the house, and just was sitting relaxing in the Garden when I could hear a distant engine sound getting closer. I looked out and along came this Goodyear blimp. I rushed in, grabbed my camera and rattled off these shots. The sky had changed to clear blue and it was just perfect timing.”

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Sea Dart

NightSea2.jpg Navy Sea Dart ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

Dave writes: “The Sea Dart graces the entrance to the San Diego Aerospace Museum, which is right under the approach to Lindburg Field, hence the dotted lines.”

Photographed October 2002. According to a Wikipedia article, it could attain Mach 1, but only in a shallow dive. Interesting story on that page about why the Navy was interested in supersonic craft that didn’t land on carriers …

… Click image for large 1024×768 desktop file. Also browse all images in Dave’s Gallery.

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Dragonflies Linked to Shutterfly!

DSC04435.jpg  Coast Guard copter ... Click for larger image.

DSC04506.jpg Dragonflies, two of them ... Click for larger image.

First of all, you can find the entire gallery of these photos by Dave on this link to Shutterfly. They are dramatic, the resolution is great, and colors are terrific.

Dave has been busy shooting helicopters and dragonflies. The chopper in the top photo bears the distinctive markings of the US Coast Guard. Regarding the bottom photo, Dave writes: “I was shooting the copter working a local (a bit TOO local for comfort) brush fire when this bug flew past. Try to stage THAT one!”

“The photos were taken by the dinky little Sony DSC-W70 Cybershot, usually on full optical zoom (only 3X). Some of them I then cropped, in the camera, to the final size. And some were just, ah, CLOSE. The amazing thing to me was that, after dozens of these shots, and a hundred or so full-res shots already in the camera, I took maybe 15 minutes of video of the planes. The video is choppy, but the sound, through the PC speakers, is just amazing! Memory card is 2 gig, and now they have 4 gig cards!”

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Two Whazzit Hummers

True to a longstanding tradition on this site, Dave Norton presents two fine “aviation greats” photos, and we leave it to you to identify them. Shot at the San Diego Aerospace Museum with a Sony DSC-W70. The images link to high quality downloadable 1024×768 desktop-size JPG images. We will post answers to the aircraft identities eventually.

DSC03976-(Large).jpg 3,000 mph Whazzit ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

DSC03975-(Large).jpg Whazzit on skis ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

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