Over the years, several photographers have shared striking and memorable photographic images on the pages of PHOTOS. This site was founded in 1995. Due to bandwidth issues and the newness of digital photography at that time, I didn’t create the PHOTOS page until about 1999 or 2000. This department metamorphosed with new web technology several times. Most of those photos are still posted today. And we add to them each week.

You can find galleries of all our principal contributors in the My Jalbum gallery links, located on the right sidebar of the PHOTOS page.

You can also find many more of our photos, panoramas, and stories on the outdoor wilderness theme in our Outdoors department.

We lost track of some of our early contributors. Some have their own galleries on commercial sites like SnapFish. Here are biographical thumbnails available for two of us.


Dave Norton. Click for larger image.

Dave first contacted about my 1993 poem Wildplum!, about a Sierra campsite at which, it turned out, we had each spent many memorable youthful years. Dave contributed his excellent 1996 A Backpacker’s Journal in the year 2000, launching our Outdoors department.

Dave’s photos are found in two galleries at (Gallery 2 mostly contains earlier postings):

Dave’s Thumbnail Bio:

Dave “Nort” Norton, Rogue River OR, grew up in SoCal back when Garden Grove was a fine place to raise kids, if you can imagine! Retired from mechanical engineering. Achievements:  I designed the Ground Spoiler Actuator housing in ’66, still flying on the C-5A. Designed and built my own unique 3-wheeled sports car (see website) in 1983, still driving it now. Did chassis and suspension design on three steam powered autos and two Indy race cars from ’68 to ’76. Raced a Lotus 31 at Riverside Raceway in ’66. Raced motocross at Carlsbad in ’72 and ran the last “real” Elsinore Grand Prix in ’72.

Wife Ellie and I run BillyGoat Mountain Ranch, where we (oh all right, she) raises colored Angora goats for fun and (eventual) prophet (see other website).
Hobbies include but are not limited to photography, writing, automotive design, running, backpacking, fishing…



  • My favorite bit of writing is the B-29 story (with a little help from Alex).
  • Favorite photo: DSCN4416 Jellyfish, taken on my third and last honeymoon.
  • I stumbled into Alex’s website several years ago when I did a search for Wild Plum (a favorite campground) and found his poem on the same spot, and I haven’t struggled back out yet.
  • Favorite quote: It’s easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.

Can you top this? I watched the Spruce Goose fly.


Alex Forbes. Click for larger image.

Owner and publisher of since 1995. My Personal Profile and About This Website pages provide most of my background info.

Alex’s photos are found in several galleries at Gallery 2 mostly contains earlier work. Included:

Alex’s Thumbnail Bio:

Retired from the software QA industry. I grew up in Oakland, California and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since being transplanted from Massachusetts in 1950. I got interested in amateur photography as a kid. I recently posted an article of memories of how that hobby grew, “Vintage Ansco, Brownie, Nikkorex“. Somehow I made an early right choice in 35mm film formats and shot mostly color slides for decades. These mostly preserved well, so I was able to scan images going back to 1964. Print negatives did not fare so well.

I really do enjoy photography. I also enjoy webmastering, creative writing, armchair astronomy and music, among other things. Somehow, in between all those projects, I’ll soon be relocating permanently to my home in Phoenix, Arizona.



  • Writing: I would still have to go with my 1993 poem Wildplum!
  • Photo: one of my favorites is Palms At Dusk, taken in the back yard in Phoenix.
  • Quote: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” — Gary Newell

Can you top this? I logged many hours piloting this thing:

Cessna 411 - click for gallery image


Thanks to all our contributors and loyal site boosters for making Photos one of the most popular of our site departments. It has always been a real pleasure working with you. As always, we will surely enjoy building PHOTOS in the years to come.

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