Family Album 1950’s

Salvaging the past:

Margarido Drive 1955-1962

Generally, I’ve always felt family albums should be kept in the family home. 50 years later, there is no family home. “The family” has scattered or passed on. The family archives suffered the ravages of time, destruction and loss. Of the scores of albums and thousands of photos recording the years of my childhood, only a few dozens remain.

Of course these mean something to me, and they may mean something to a few friends and family who remember those days when “Margarido Drive” was a focal point of our lives. What can they mean to anyone else? After my scanning project, the question was: should I upload these, or not?

50 years ago, people all drove “classic” cars, flew in lumbering smoky propeller airliners if they flew at all, and saw their grandparents off on world cruises on antiquated “ocean liners” that look like tramp streamers today. Notions of nice interior decoration were different. Housing was affordable and spacious – even in California. Clothing was different — see our grandparents in formal wear for cocktails on the back patio on a Sunday afternoon. Postcards cost you a single two cent stamp, too.

I hope you’ll check these out and decide for yourself. Don’t think of it as intruding upon a family – there are no embarrassing baby pictures here. Think of it as peering back 50 years into time.

Alex Forbes ©August 5, 2007

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