We created¬†our PHOTO Notes page, and the galleries linked to it, to share photos of interest. Some images are from some of the thousands I’ve shot or scanned. Many are from friends with an eye for the right moment and the right picture. Unless credited otherwise, all photos here are originals, copyright by author .

If you like an image, you can download it free by following the instructions in your browser for saving an image from a link or from a picture. Some gallery browsers offer the download link directly.

All we ask is that you not try to sell the image, upload it to the web, or otherwise distribute it or represent it as your own. Downloadable images are protected and copyright by authors.

Original photos are generally digital, or scanned 35MM slides or print negatives. Scans were done with a Nikon Coolscan III. The resulting ultra-high quality digital images were saved as TIFF images at 1200×1800 pixels, or about 6.4MB each.

We are not really geared for selling original images. If you really, really MUST have one, inquire at summitlake.com. You would be purchasing only the right to view the original scan from the author, if available — not commercial rights to the photo.

We hope you enjoy the photographic experiences recorded on this page. That’s what the internet medium is supposed to be all about.

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