Bill Casey Gallery, Ban Me Thuot Vietnam 1968-1969

Announcing new Bill Casey Gallery Ban Me Thuot 1968-1969 featuring Bill’s slides from his Vietnam tour in 1968-1969.  The Permalink to our Vietnam galleries can always be found in the PHOTO sidebar under Vietnam. If you are a Vietnam vet who spent time in Ban Me Thuot in the Central Highlands, you’ll enjoy looking at these shots. Bill’s tour partially overlapped with Frank’s. Also see Frank Hughes’ Slideshow from his tour in Ban Me Thuot, 1969-1970, in the same gallery.

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1 thought on “Bill Casey Gallery, Ban Me Thuot Vietnam 1968-1969

  1. Bill, I was stationed at Ban Me Thuot from June 1968 until June 1969. I was with the 362nd Signal Company. We had four microwave shots and live at what you are calling the ‘City Strip’. The officer in the Tropo van was our detachment C.O. I can’t remember his name, but he was a great guy. He was our age and ROTC. I will try to find out his name. Were you with the 362nd Signal Company? I live in Santa Cruz, California.

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