Changes at PHOTO Notes – NEW

February, 2013: We are no longer adding new content to our JAlbum galleries, or offering “desktop” size photo image downloads, mostly because multi-tasking to prepare a new photo for publication was just becoming too high-maintenance. Instead, we’re featuring a single high quality 500 pixel image, so the viewer does not have to  “click image” to enjoy photography featured from myself and my friends.

Additionally, we are embedding photos from my own and friends’ Flickr pages instead of uploading the same content multiple times to Flickr and I like Flickr ®, which was first recommended to me by my friend Richard Wanderman. Flickr provides a number of useful tagging features in addition to the option of viewing any collection as a gallery slide show.

March 3, 2009: We’re moving all the photos from the old Photo Gallery and Friends Gallery HTML pages over to snappy new Gallery display browsers by Jalbum. The old “Photo” page will disappear as soon as we complete the move of all the content. Almost all of the new links have already been added.

Please check out the new browser Galleries for Alex, Dave, Swan, and Friends. Other Gallery links point to original Adobe and perl-cgi browsers: Vietnam, Terry White, Margarido Drive, Kauai. It will take a long time to convert all the image file metadata to feed text to the new browsers, so we just added links to the unconverted older formats for now.

Links to the new content are added on the right sidebar of this page. Links are now subdivided into Links (external), Links – Site, Galleries and HTML Archives. At this writing, you can already access all the content in this WordPress department, plus all the content on the old PHOTO page, be clicking the links on this right sidebar.

If you’ve bookmarked any of the old galleries or pages, the bookmarks may not be good much longer, but the good news is: now you only need one bookmark, to this PHOTO Notes page.

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