Coconut Plantation Marketplace

Coconut Plantation Marketplace ... Click image for large 1024 pixel file.

Coconut Plantation Marketplace, Kapa’a, Kaua’i, Hawaii (October 2004). This colorful sculpture is a whimsical assembly of hydraulic pipes and valves on an industrial scale. The pipes output dripping water and power a water wheel (not shown). The structure includes pools and flowing water, is about a half city block square, and occupies most of the central plaza . It includes a decorative central tower of three stories’ height, supported by the gray posts pictured. The top of the tower sports a pagoda-style roof, and, if you look carefully, here the tower is bristling with high-frequency directional antennas. My guess would be that the whole structure was donated by Verizon, and probably houses an entire repeater station within the community artwork.

The marketplace, an island tourist attraction, consists of several dozen eclectic small shops. Gift shops feature everything from flip-flops to Hawaiian shirts to medieval swords and suits of armor. The offerings range from essentials to real chromos, and if you look you can find some bona fide artwork for sale too. The restaurants are adequate and the staff is friendly. We found ourselves spending entirely too much time browsing the shops!

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