“CannaY”. Canna. Photo by Gene, contributed by Suzanne. Amazing colors. Click the picture for a larger image. Thanks for sending us these wonderful photos!

According to Aloha Tropicals,


Sold as bare rooted plants from March to November or rhizome from December to February.

Cannas are an easy to grow tropical plant that will beautify your yard for years to come. We have chosen the hardiest and most exotic Cannas available. Glorious flowers from white, yellows, pinks, reds and multiple pastels are graced by some of the most interesting and colorful foliage one could ask for. Everything from striped to burgundy red and luxuriant dark green. These versatile plants can be used as center pieces in your garden, or in a mass as a background for other tropicals. And some of our dwarfs are perfect for borders in planting beds. Growing from underground rhizomes, Cannas are considered herbaceous perennials and are semi-root hardy. They will not tolerate freezing conditions, but may be lifted and stored for the winter. These easy to care for plants prefer full sun to partial shade, generous amounts of water and a regular fertilizer program.

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