DSC_1149.jpg Agapanthus ... Click image for larger file.

Agapanthus … Nikon D100. Click image for larger file.

This is the blue-violet “traffic lane divider strip” plant so common in California gardens. You can see from the internet resources that it is Agapanthus, or “African Lily”. I called it “amaryllis” all my life and you can blame my parents for that — but it is not hard to see why there could be confusion. They all appear to be part of the lily family.

Flowers are smaller, hang more bell-like, and are generally less showy than Amaryllis featured in photos here.

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1 thought on “Agapanthus

  1. We are not plant experts here. Earlier today I just wrote a reader that in California I had never seen amaryllis leaves go brown in the fall, when, in fact, it turns out I’d been thinking of the common agapanthus pictured here.

    So, caveat emptor. Just because photographers take pictures of these beautiful delicate things, we don’t get to say we know more about the subject matter.

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