Mount St. Helens

Mt-St-Helens.jpg aerial view ... Click image for larger file.

Mount St. Helens from the air. This image is one of several shot on a flight from Seattle to Medford, Oregon aboard a Bombardier Q400 regional turboprop, operated by Horizon Air. We flew right down the Paciifc Ring of Fire. The air is severely hazed by smoke from the 14,000 June-July 2008 wildfires currently raging in Northern California. All this smoke has also blanketed the skies in central Oregon and Phoenix, AZ. PhotoShop might be able to filter out some of the haze for some of the other images, later, but I only have PhotoShop Elements at my disposal at the moment.

Passengers were also able to view at least a dozen prominent cones along the Cascade Range – the Pacific Ring of Fire. Notable were the famous and very distinctive Mt. Hood and Ranier.

This view shows the best view of the Mount St. Helens crater, sloping to the north, of all the photos. We were able to see the devastation to the north of the crater, where the pyroclastic flow turned the mountain forest into a bare lunar landscape out as far as Spirit Lake. You can only see a portion of this awesome historic 1980 devastation in this view, to the left.

Leica CLUX2 … Click image for larger desktop file.

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