Sierra Buttes

09-Sierra-Buttes.jpg ... Click image for 1024x691 desktop file.

By popular demand: a good friend and I were discussing the old days around Sierra City, California¬†– turns out we both know that neck of the woods. So I hunted up the scan of the old color slides, posted here. Click the image for a fine desktop-size 1024×691 image.

Seen from town or outlying campsites, “The Buttes” were almost hidden behind towering fir and pine. This photo was taken with a Nikorrex 35mm from a hiking trail (the John Muir Trail, actually), a thousand or so feet above camp.

This is a respectable mountain, presiding over man’s activities in the area going back to the days of the gold rush. And there are tales of it holding gold – a PG&E lineman was reported to have found a massive fist-size nugget by kicking the same rock on the trail year after year, until one year he noticed shiny scratch marks.¬†

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