Dave Norton sent this last week, along with the invitation: “Identify”.

See how well you can do. Web research is allowed (that’s how I did it).

What I put together from research and hints:

This photo shows the forward portion of the B-17 fuselage including the gun turret. Of all the gun emplacements on the B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft, this one required the gunner to stand, but in compensation was also the safest in combat, with a fatality rate of about 6%. This picture was taken inside the hangar of the Evergreen Air Venture Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. Objects in the background include the empennage (tail and elevator assembly) of Howard Hughes’ HK-1 Flying Boat, the “Spruce Goose”, still the biggest aircraft ever built.

Dave also says “I didn’t take the excellent photo. It was sent to me (unknown, as usual).”

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