Painted Lady

Painted Lady, Rae Lakes, Kings Canyon ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

I recently posted an article on place names, a review of a wonderful book Names On The Land by George R. Stewart, in Writing Notes. In the article I posted a photo of a mountain in the Rae Lakes of Kings Canyon National Park, to illustrate how sometimes a prominent feature of a landmark will suggest its name.

I knew at the time the photograph I located did not show off the feature exactly as I had remembered photographing it (in 1972), but I haven’t looked at this collection in a long time, so I posted it anyway. This photo shows off Painted Lady to better advantage, or, perhaps, disadvantage. From the eyes of the unknown surveyor or prospector who first saw and named it, the red bands of the Painted Lady depict, in a certain light, an image which can be imagined as a lady reclining, left to right, inviting the further attentions of her suitor.

I always supposed that the person who first saw that in the features of the peak, and named it thusly, probably was dipping into the medicinal whiskey, and may not have seen female companionship in quite a many moons. But here you have it, taken at sunset with a compact Rollei B35, in 1972.

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