The Name of That Flower …

DSC_1456.jpg The name of this flower? ... Click image for larger file.

I can never remember the name of this flower. I have taken so many photos of it you’d think I’d never forget, but it has one of those “mental block” names that gave me trouble 30 years ago. So I’m not worried about Alzheimer’s.

I saw a silhouette-image decal of this flower on a car window, and I recognized it as Hawaii’s State Flower, but still couldn’t think of its name all the way home. Have you got it yet?

This exceptional photo was taken on the island of Kauai on October 17, 2004. The downloadable 1024×768 image makes a fine desktop picture. Color contrast and resolution are great. This closeup was taken with a Nikon D-100 using a big 72mm 24-120 lens. The flower’s name is Hibiscus.

… Click image for larger file.

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