Natural history — Bloom Against Stained Glass

2004_0423blue30018.jpg Bloom Against Stained Glass

I’m going to say that this looks like what my mom used to call a “Calla Lily”. It’s been so long, it’s hard to say from firsthand recollection.

Floridata lists a calla lily ‘Zantedeschia aethiopica’ with the bloom still furled and opening, and we do not know what the foliage looks like on the plant in the photo.

Then again, it could be the relative of a houseplant in our apartment. Since I repotted it 10 years ago, it has faithfully been producing one or two small blooms per year that look this this. We have no clue what kind of plant ours is.

Nice treatment against the blue stained glass. Thanks to Swan for sending it.

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  1. NAAAH, it’s not a calla lily. Calla lilies were curved horn-shaped cones, not flat spoons. We will get and post a photo of our apartment houseplant soon.

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