A Tribute to Dan – by Dave Norton

Powdermilk, a tribute to Dan Norton
“Powdermilk.” Location Idyllwild, California, 2001, by Dave Norton. Nikon Coolpix 950. This graphic was painted on a shed by Dave’s late brother Dan Norton. This image is downloadable for personal use only, 899×674 pixel size. Copyright 2001 Dave Norton. Dave writes,

“My brother Dan painted this mural in acrylics on the wall of his tool shed at his cabin in Idyllwild CA several years ago. It is typical of Dan’s sense of whimsy, his artistry, his craftsmanship, and his penchant for perfection. Powdermilk Biscuits are, of course, one of the tongue-in-cheek sponsors of the popular NPR radio show Prairie Home Companion. Sadly, Dan has lost all this creative talent to Alzheimer’s this year. My other brother and I have lost the years of sharing and co-creating we had all assumed would be ours for many years. It was not to be. Dan has lost the Golden Years of retirement with his loving wife Helen, watching their uniquely talented daughter Alix move into a life of her own creation. He has touched the lives of many who, as I do, miss him terribly.”

~~ Dave Norton, October 2013

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