A Tribute to Dan – by Dave Norton

Powdermilk, a tribute to Dan Norton
“Powdermilk.” Location Idyllwild, California, 2001, by Dave Norton. Nikon Coolpix 950. This graphic was painted on a shed by Dave’s late brother Dan Norton. This image is downloadable for personal use only, 899×674 pixel size. Copyright 2001 Dave Norton. Dave writes,

“My brother Dan painted this mural in acrylics on the wall of his tool shed at his cabin in Idyllwild CA several years ago. It is typical of Dan’s sense of whimsy, his artistry, his craftsmanship, and his penchant for perfection. Powdermilk Biscuits are, of course, one of the tongue-in-cheek sponsors of the popular NPR radio show Prairie Home Companion. Sadly, Dan has lost all this creative talent to Alzheimer’s this year. My other brother and I have lost the years of sharing and co-creating we had all assumed would be ours for many years. It was not to be. Dan has lost the Golden Years of retirement with his loving wife Helen, watching their uniquely talented daughter Alix move into a life of her own creation. He has touched the lives of many who, as I do, miss him terribly.”

~~ Dave Norton, October 2013

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Sea Dart

NightSea2.jpg Navy Sea Dart ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

Dave writes: “The Sea Dart graces the entrance to the San Diego Aerospace Museum, which is right under the approach to Lindburg Field, hence the dotted lines.”

Photographed October 2002. According to a Wikipedia article, it could attain Mach 1, but only in a shallow dive. Interesting story on that page about why the Navy was interested in supersonic craft that didn’t land on carriers …

… Click image for large 1024×768 desktop file. Also browse all images in Dave’s Gallery.

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How the 35mm camera works well?

35mm camera instructions - click for full size scanForwarding the 35mm camera instructions linked to the left, Dave writes: “Found in the box with a camera we got for attending a time-share presentation years ago. The middle paragraph sums up nicely the key elements of fine photography.”

No matter what else one might say about the composition of the scanned ‘READ THIS” sheet, we couldn’t agree more with the principle. Nature and landscape photographers would go it one better: the most dramatic photos are often the ones taken within an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset.

Just make sure the subject face the enough sunshing.

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Ice in the stream

Dave writes from Rogue River, Oregon: Winter’s here, in spades.  We finally moved our bed indoors after a 17° night on the porch.  It’s been around 10° for three nights now, with highs near 30°.  Only a couple of burst pipes so far!  We’ve been ferrying buckets of water out to the goats while I fix the pipes.

As you can see, the creek is freezing over, with ice all the way across in spots.  Here are a couple of shots of ice crystals at the edge of the creek.  Without any refrerence to judge scale, they look they might be photomicrographs.  The field is probably 2″ across.  Lots of frost but no snow yet.  Temps are due to rise 20° by Saturday, and we’ll get our first snow.

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click photo for larger image click photo for larger image
Dave sends: Ice in the stream

Daves sends four chilly winter stills and scenics. Click images for large 1024×768 viewing. Also browse all images in Dave’s Gallery.

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Different Barn Shot

DSC01909.jpg Fall! ... Click image for 1280x960 desktop file.

Dave writes: “A different sort of a barn shot. Gotta be a story here. Actually, this is our neighbor Bruce’s barn, very old and huge. Lots of rotting wood, and the whole structure had taken about a 5° southern list. They corrected the list with three northbound tractors and a bunch of rope, then triangulated it internally with new lumber to stabilize it. Lots of work remains, but Bruce is a preserver. What a job.” … Click image for large desktop file. Also browse all images in Dave’s Gallery.

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DSC01796w.jpg Fall leaf ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

DSC01749w.jpg Fall! ... Click image for 1024x768 desktop file.

Dave writes: “Summer has finally gasped its last. We’ve turned the corner into Fall, and the colors are spectacular. This Maple leaf photo is all wrong (you never center on the area of interest…) but it’s sure purty. It warms my heart to know we’ll soon be warming our hearth. These colors let it all hang out for about a day and a half, and today is it! Enjoy.” … Click image for larger file. Also browse all images in Dave’s Gallery.

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