Crude Fiber Optics Transmission


A bright blue-green tint caught my eye. This is the edge of a glass table top. The faint vertical bands within the light band are from the stripes of the curtains in the early morning sun. Sunlit curtains are 90 degrees to the left and way outside the iPhone field of view. They’re being transmitted horizontally through the glass. Kind of a crude demonstration of fiber optics transmission using a whole plate of glass instead of a bundle of fibers. Click image to see full author credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

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B&H Cameras posted a wonderful article on ‘Understanding Bokeh‘ today. I recommend you read it. This image is my favorite of only about three such photos I’ve ever attempted. I previously posted it on this site some years back, and on Flickr three years ago. Click image to see full credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

When I took my photo, I did not know what ‘Bokeh’ meant, or why I so liked the result. My friend Richard Wanderman introduced me to this concept. Richard’s photos regularly grace this page, and he’s a master at Bokeh. The linked B&H article does a great job of explaining the concept, history, and backgrounding of the odd terminology (and pronunciation!)

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