Arch, Food and Wine Day, by Terry White

Food and Wine day out Cardiff Bay-16
Food and Wine Day Out Cardiff Bay-16, Wales by my friend Terry White, on Flickr. Fujifilm FinePix S9600, July 9, 2011. Terry says, “This shot is taken outside the new City of Cardiff Library. Walking in the main entrance of the Library, you have to pass through this arch, as I passed through I thought looking back and up would make this shot.”

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Kayaks, Food and Wine day, by Terry White

Food and Wine day out Cardiff Bay-6
“Food and Wine day out Cardiff Bay-6”, Wales, by my friend Terry White, on Flickr. Fujifilm FinePix S9600, July 9, 2011. Terry caught these three brightly colored sunlit kayaks against the complementary blue of the water, right on the edge of a deeply shaded background. I really like his use of color and composition here.

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Cathays Park, Cardiff by Terry White

Cathays Park Cardiff-34
Cathays Park, Cardiff, Wales by my friend Terry White, on Flickr. Fujifilm Finepix S9600, January 5, 2009. Terry writes: “Taken at the Cathays Park War Memorial, walking around this is thought provoking; made me think of what my Father had been through in the Second World War. I spent a couple of hours here, taking shots from many different angles. This one just felt right.”

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Cardiff Food Festival by Terry White

Cardiff Food & Wine Festival
Food & Wine Festival, Cardiff, Wales 2013, by Terry White. Fujifilm FinePix S9600. Terry writes, “There is something of a heat wave going on over here at the moment in Wales. Today I dug the trusted Fuji out and took off down to the annual Cardiff Bay Food & Wine festival. I used the camera in shutter priority for a change just to capture the movement with some of these street photography shots. All in all a very enjoyable afternoon out.”
To see all Terry’s delightful photos in this photo shoot, visit his Picasa gallery at Food & Wine festival Cardiff Bay 2013.

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First Snow of the Season

“I woke up to the first Snow of the Season here this morning, quite a heavy fall over night and it is still continuing to snow now as I type. Took all the shots from the warmth of my home.” From Terry White, who writes from Cardiff, Wales, UK. Fujifilm Finepix S9600

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Goodyear Blimp in Wales, UK

Terry writes: “Photography really is a moment of opportunity. I was in my garden on Sunday taking a shot of the bamboo and trying to capture the mood of the sky. I put my camera in the house, and just was sitting relaxing in the Garden when I could hear a distant engine sound getting closer. I looked out and along came this Goodyear blimp. I rushed in, grabbed my camera and rattled off these shots. The sky had changed to clear blue and it was just perfect timing.”

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