Dust Storm

J. Reney, RIM Blackberry: Dust Storm!

J. Ricker, Android: Terra South just before a big dust storm

Alex writes: “Photos by family members Jimmy Ricker and Jason Reney capture the approaching dust storm of August 18, Phoenix” … Click images for large 1024 pixel images. Also browse all images in Friends Gallery. Most recent: Friends Gallery.

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Galleries from Terry White of Thailand

On route to Wat Yan May 2007002.jpgWe’re delighted to be able to offer two folders of images by Terry White of Thailand from a road trip he took there. Our thanks and gratitude to reader and correspondent Terry for graciously letting us post them.

We’ve posted the Terry White Galleries links page in our regular Photography department, indexed as “Terry White – NEW!” under Friends Gallery.

You can also get to Terry’s page directly.

It’s not often that we can see images of a road tour of Thailand, shot much as you or I might take them. Terry is an excellent photographer and has done some really rewarding work here. Thanks Terry!

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Recognize This Animal?

DSC_0008DeerMouse.jpg Animal ... Click image for larger file.

Do you recognize this critter? Is it a deer mouse, or a Quiznos (“we like da Moon”) bat? Click this image for a large 1024×681 pixel image. Photo by Art Neighbor. Art writes:

I heard some movement in my Loquat tree at 9 PM. Took a look see, spotted the animal in branch, got my camera and took the attached photo. I think it’s a Deer Mouse (3 to 4 inches in length), but this guy was 2 to 3 inches longer (6 to 7 inches), and quite healthy.

Well, it might be a Deer Mouse. The expert at San Diego Natural Museum of Science and specialist in mammals and birds thought it might be a Deer Mouse too, but stated I would need to capture (kill) photograph in detail, measure, etc! in order for him to be sure, as there are a number of sub species and interbreeding amongst this prolific rodent…even though it’s the first time I ever saw one.

I was taken with the color and size of the critter relative to my one on hand source of trying to identify…Readers Digest North American Wildlife…An illustrated guide to 2,000 Plants and Animals that I purchased in 1982. Deer mice are supposed to be gray with a lighter coloration underneath, being but 3-4 inches in length. This fellow had gray, brown and definitive white fur underneath, and was a good 6-7 inches in length…and the reason I was extremely curious as to what it was in fact. Perhaps someone on your website will recognize and put the issue to rest. It’s probably a virulent mutant species of some sort, that carries every pestilence known to man.

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Electrical Considerations

Electrical Considerations

Click image for large 1024×768 file.

Mike Huebner writes: "… This is a view out the front of our house last night during a really nice storm. The lightning was my first real attempt to capture lightning with my digital camera. It was an exercise in patience and only paid off about 1 in 5 shots. Fortunately there were a lot of strikes so I did manage to get a few good ones. I like this one the best because of the multiple branching. Gigawatts!"

Companion shot: Bright Orange Sunset

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Bright Orange Sunset

Bright Orange Sunset

Click image for large 1024×768 file.

Mike Huebner writes: "… a view out the front of our house last night during a really nice storm. It was preceded by a very, very strange bright orange sunset. Altogether weird weather yesterday. "

the color on the orange shot is straight from the can, no doctoring.

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Magic Porch

Magic Porch

Picture thanks to Dave Norton. Dave writes:

June Gloom in coastal SoCal. Nocturnal fog rolls in over the hills from Camp Pendleton, filling the costal valleys, burning off to warm afternoons in the Temecula Valley. Here, the morning mist rises off Sandia Creek, viewed from the Magic Porch.

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