Baby Prickly Pear

IMG_0412.jpg Baby Prickly Pear ... Click image for larger file.

Alex writes: “Baby Prickly Pear, Canon EOS 5D, 100mm macro, Phoenix April 2011” … Click image for larger file. Also browse all images in Alex’s galleries. Most recent: Alex’s Gallery.

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DSC_0254.jpg Acacia ... Click image for larger file.

We have a couple of volunteer acacias gowing in the yard in Phoenix. This little one in the back will have to come out; it’s chosen a spot too close to the foundation. These are the real deal, African style, with hundreds of enormously long, sharp thorns. They do well in the hot desert climate and you see lots of them. When more mature, they bloom in a profuse cloud of tiny yellow blossoms. … Nikon D70. Click image for larger file.

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Arizona Poppies

DSC_0213.jpg AZ Poppies ... Click image for larger file.

This year the Phoenix back yard is filled with a profusion of blooming yellow poppies. With the wet winter Arizona finally got, this is the best year ever for poppies. These are probably “Mexican Poppies”, not the orange-gold variety more familiar in California. … Nikon D70. Click image for larger file.

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Christmas Cactus – Canon EOS 5D

IMG_0059.jpg Christmas Cactus ... Click image for 1280x853 desktop file.

The ubiquitous little ornamental and gift nursery plant, “Christmas Cactus”, seems to make regular appearances on our PHOTO Notes pages. This office plant “extreme close-up” was photographed early this morning with a Canon 100mm Macro fixed lens, indoor fluorescent lighting, at 1/41 second f2.8 ISO-200.

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Roses – Canon EOS 5D

Roses_IMG_0044.jpg Roses ... Click image for 1280x911 desktop file.

Similar to last week’s posting of “Geranium”, this is a RAW photo with some post-processing and conversion to a JPG. I increased sharpness, contrast and saturation somewhat from the original RAW, which is designed to be a “soft” starting point. Knowing myself and my habits, I probably over-did the corrections. I downscaled the image and cropped for the 1280×911 proportion that fits my monitor at current resolution.The image has been sitting on my desktop for a day now, and I rather like it, so I’m posting it.

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