Macricostas Hay Field, by Richard

Macricostas hay field

Richard says, “I’ve been hiking around this field for almost 20 years now (it used to be a corn field) and know it well. In a few places on the perimeter you can shoot it in a way that makes it look much larger than it actually is and this is one of those places.” Click image to see full author credits, image information and comments on Flickr.

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BAY CRANE, by Richard

Bay Crane
BAY CRANE by my friend Richard Wanderman, on Flickr. Ricoh Imaging GR, June 18 2015, North end of the High Line, New York. Richard says, “This monster was parked off to the side and I could not resist taking a picture of it. It looks like a cross between a weapon and a space vehicle. There may be larger mobile cranes but I doubt they’re much larger. Can you imagine trying to drive this rig around New York?”

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H&M is Watching You, by Richard Wanderman

H&M is watching you
H&M is Watching You, by my friend Richard Wanderman, on Flickr. Ricoh Imaging GR, March 25, 2015, Times Square, New York. Richard says, “This H&M billboard went all the way to the ground so it’s a perfect backdrop for these kinds of images and Times Square is loaded with people walking by; all you have to do is wait and shoot.”

We’re watching her watching them, two very real life-size stick figures walking in front of a stunning high-rez billboard graphic. Does her wistful expression suggest she wishes she could change places with these interesting animated figures? H&M is a Swiss-based worldwide apparel outlet.

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