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Steve Baker at Devils Postpile, by Alex

20 Steve on Column
Steve Baker at Devils Postpile, by Alex, on Flickr. Rollei B35 slide scan. Devils Postpile National Monument, California, 1974. Three of us, coworkers, did a backpack trek and motorcycle tour of the backside of the Sierras. I’ve never seen a photo which fairly conveys the true scale of these massive basaltic columns.

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Dying Tree, by Alex

IMG_0350 Dying Tree
“Dying Tree” by Alex, on Flickr. iPhone 5, Phoenix July 12, 2014. This favorite tree of mine is distressed and maybe dying. I don’t know its name, but think the native species grows along riverbanks. I took photos in the late evening for diagnostic purposes, but I rather like this photo in its own right.

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Rainbow Colors, by Alex

Rainbow Colors, by Alex, on Flickr. iPhone5, no filters, crop or enhancement. Phoenix, July 17, 2014. Sunbeam in a dark hallway, split into colors by a crystal prism, of the sort from the old crystal chandeliers – hanging in the kitchen, and projected onto hall doorway and door frame from 100 feet away … Did not think this one would turn out!

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Sunrise, by Alex Forbes

02 Sunrise
“Sunrise” by Alex, on Flickr. Nikon EL-1 35mm Ektachrome slide scan. Road to Yosemite, CA. Sunrise on Highway 120, enroute Yosemite. Scanned from 1970’s Ektachrome slides. We were headed to Glacier Point for a Nevada Falls loop hike to Half Dome. We piled out of the car to get this shot.

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