Garnet Lake

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Dave writes: “Here’s a pan of Garnet Lake, near Mammoth. Buddy Russ and I hiked in in July of ‘07. It’s six miles in from the Agnew Meadows trailhead, with an elevation gain of 2,000 ft. I didn’t realize until the first night that I had left my (our only) tent in the car. The lake is around 9,700 ft, fairly lightly visited (we had the lake to ourselves), with good fishing for Brookies and Rainbows. I took some interesting video up there, mostly concerned with the lack of tent combined with the presence of rain. Russ rigged his plastic poncho in the lower limbs of a nearby tree and slept under that. I slept in the open with my bag completely inside one of those aluminized mylar emergency “survival” bags. Worked like a charm, warm and dry, if a little noisy with the rain pelting the mylar. It’s challenges like that that make for a memorable trip. The area, and Garnet especially, is gorgeous. Our camp is on a bay with a shalllow sandy bottom no more than 2-3 feet deep out at least 50 yards, which makes for great flycasting into the deep water at the edge. Check the area on GoogleEarth, it’s spectacular.

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