Altha Lake, by Dave Norton

Altha Lake, near Mammoth Lakes, CA by Dave Norton
Altha Lake, near Mammoth Lakes, CA by Dave Norton 2013. Fuji FinePix XP20. Dave writes, “Here’s a shot and panorama of Altha (Althea on some maps) Lake, 10,000 feet elevation, four miles out of Agnew Meadows near Mammoth Lakes.”

“Friend Russ and I were looking for good high Sierras fishing at a less-popular lake. The lake is accessible on a dead-end trail, but only a small portion of the perimeter can be reached by the casual fisherman/backpacker. We did a bit of sketchy rock climbing and found an ideal spot, dining on foot-long Rainbows for two days. This view graced our morning breakfast, warmed by a small fire to take the chill off. We were remarkably fortunate (for the first full week in October) to have cool sunny weather. We’ll be back next October, the 50th anniversary of our first backpacking trip into the Sierras. The camera is my Fuji FinePix XP20, set on automatic as usual.”


Altha Lake Panorama, near Mammoth Lakes, CA by Dave NortonDave wrote, “The pan is three panes stitched together by the camera, self-framing and very clever. It amazes me what a rank amateur can do with a $100 pocket camera!”

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  1. David…great photo. My wife and I are doing the JMT this year and we wanted to make Altha Lake our first night on the trail, hiking from Rush creek. Is it better to go up to Garnett Lake and come down the small trail to Altha or is it better to climb up from the valley directly to Altha Lake? If it is too difficult we will default to Garnett Lake. Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me. Bobby

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