Welcome to OUTDOORS

Here, in OUTDOORS we find Summitlake’s collection of articles, stories, slides, photos (and even poems) on an outdoors theme. You’ll discover articles on camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, climbing — and people — connecting with the great Outdoors.

Inevitably, a website gravitates to certain themes. We’ve long published articles, essays, poetry and graphic images with an Outdoors theme. From the start, Summitlake.com was built around the idea that the way we relate to the world around us isn’t just based on arbitrary media metaphors, but on a deeper sense of belonging to … everything. As we wrote in “About Summitlake.com“,

Such a place would be public, in the sense of a park or a wilderness, but would be private too, in the sense that no two visitors ever take away quite the same experience.

Here, then, we offer pages which best depict the sense of beauty which so enriches life. There are many sources of deep original beauty in the arts, literature, music, media and the theater. Ultimately, these have their origins in the source material itself: the Outdoors Universe. Work is authored and copyrighted by the articles’ authors and photo contributors.

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