What This Site’s All About

A friend wrote recently, expressing appreciation for the guest pages I host on the site. That got me to thinking: why do I do this? Here’s how I replied:

Summitlake.com’s site counter says we’ve served 1,641,298 pages since 8/5/99. Three quarters of those would be Google and other web crawlers. Maybe a tenth of the remaining 400,000 would be me (editing) and my friends, checking out the same old pages, year after year. Of the remaining 360,000, the average pages served per visit is 2, so Summitlake.com might have had 180,000 real, live human visitors, direct to our pages over the years — no way of knowing who saw the site on Google instead, but a lot do.

Of those 180,000, only a few hundred ever wrote. Of those, about a third were crank letters. Of the remaining 200 or so, few wrote twice, and only a handful ever wrote regularly. They are the only ones who truly give me credible assurance that people enjoy my site.

That leaves you and me and about three other loyal boosters. That’s what it’s all about.



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