Ethnic Intolerance

Today I was obliged to respond to a disturbing Facebook thread. I put it in my Facebook status, in preference to escalating heated emotional posts, to bring the topic to a wider audience. I share my remarks below.

I recently read a Facebook post embedding a YouTube video of inflammatory pro-sharia-law comments. The video was shot in a London district protest demonstration. The Facebook comment thread that followed contained pointed ethnic slurs. One of those slurs was against our own President. That kind of talk can’t be dismissed idly.

1) An ethnic slur against the President of the United States is an attack on ALL Americans and what this country stands for.
2) The YouTube video was uploaded anonymously by someone who wanted to be called “BurnIslamBurnAllah.” This should have been a clue. It focused on irritatingly offensive pro-sharia extremist statements apparently made around the time of the 2011 UK riots.
3) That’s no more representative of one billion Muslims than “End of the World 2011” Harold Camping typifies 300 million Americans.
4) We need to “get a grip …” Drop Mars-Invades-Earth hysteria.
5) Since last year’s London riots, the UK has faced up to the fact it still needed to address ethnic situations similar to what we in the US (for the most part) got through decades ago.
6) Even friends and very nice people are getting too much news from YouTube videos instead of real journalism.
7) Don’t expect to counter sharia law extremism with homegrown extremism and intolerance. Islamic or Christian hate talk, it’s still extremism.

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