Glock Automatic Pistols

A non-shooter friend posted a link on the Glock handgun, which was interesting comment on the industrial design of a modern handgun, and its popularity with law enforcement and civilian enthusiasts.

For those who don’t follow such stuff, the Glock is a cleverly logical step up from the “G-man .45” (Eliot Ness, Fearless Fosdick, GI Joe) – the service sidearm of two world wars. The government M1911 .45 Auto is now over a century old.

For me, reading a posted article about the Glock was also a reminder why I, a paper target shooter (high power rifle and large-bore revolver) never liked automatic handguns.

Most city people distrust guns and people who use them, often rightfully so. Not a lot of them want to hear why someone who maybe fired a Glock once, dislikes auto handguns. But here you go.

In the military I qualified on the M1911. Unpleasant to shoot.

Now, a heavy-caliber revolver also produces a lot of recoil, which is why you often see on the screen that a shooter’s forearm is raised up, to one degree or another, after each shot. A .44 Magnum can propel a two-arm hold vertically from 45 to almost 90 degrees vertical. I’ve seen men twice my size put down a .44 after one shot. It all depends how you hold it.

But all of the revolver’s recoil is along the single vertical axis, so you can brace against it along that single axis.

Not so with automatic handguns. The heavy blow-back or piston slide mechanisms are cammed to unlock the bolt and eject the spent casing. This produces a pronounced twisting motion. This is a two-axis recoil. Most annoying, it throws you off for the next shot. Target shooters would mind. Combat shooters would suck it up and get really, really proficient with this design. Plinkers and yahoos probably wouldn’t know any better.

Recently I met with someone in South Carolina who owned a Glock. We didn’t fire it, but he taught me a modified way to hold an auto handgun which could also improve the two-hand-hold for a large bore revolver. Even so, I’ll stick to six-shooters.

So there you go.

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