Rain, Rain Go Some Way

Whenever it rains, I remember a favorite Charles Schultz gag line going all the way back to junior high school (around 1958, I would guess). In one of the early, wildly popular Peanuts cartoon compendiums released in paperback book form, Linus is trying to memorize the simple little poem about the rain:

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day

But, like Charlie Brown’s kite flying, Linus can’t get it right:

Rain, rain, go some way
Oh, darn!

I was reciting this myself during the week. It has rained almost non-stop in the Bay Area for over a week, with occasional high winds and even snow! We were treated to a rare dusting of snow on the local mountains and high hills.

In this weather, our local squirrels are all down sunning in Squirrelpulco. I did think I saw?one brave squirrel in our back yard eucalyptus, all decked out in his balaclava and storm poncho, checking his carabiner clips and safety lines. The wind was so strong the squirrels had to rappel up and down the trees!

And while Northern California gets soggier and soggier, Arizona shared none of this bumper crop – until today! Ending a 143 day dry spell, we had our first rain in almost 6 months.

Rain in the pool

I woke up to the sound of running water at 1AM today. Assuming a drip irrigation pipe had burst again in our Phoenix front yard , I prepared to go outside to find the leak and shut the system down. But when I looked out the window into the back yard, voila! Raindrops in the pool!

The local Phoenix forecast calls for rain and isolated thundershowers throughout the weekend. We may get up to an inch of rain down here. I may even have to backwash some of it out of the pool. Linus may never memorize his poem correctly, but for once I am not complaining about the rain!

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