Return of Popslider

Here for the weekend at home in Phoenix, it has been a more stressful weekend than usual, but with a promising note.

The Air Conditioning tuneup man found a capacitor on its way out, coils that needed cleaning, and I authorized installation of a Quick-Start booster kit because it was easy to hear the A/C labor when it turned on in the summer. Total bill: $538.

The pool pump plastic plumbing has developed a new slow leak. The system loses its prime over the period of a few hours when the clock timer turns it off, and this time the impeller may have nearly fried from running dry. I have the pool running right now, but it probably won’t last through a timer shutoff. The repairman is scheduled to make another service call Monday; he knows our installation well.

I am feeling out of sorts, partly because it has been so hard to sleep. Tylenol PM helps but seems to build some kind of cumulative effect. I’ve been feeling “zoned”, and so have dropped using even my half doses of Tylenol PM.

And I am “home alone” – a condition of life that takes some getting used to.

But, this afternoon, I head the familiar call of the “Popslider bird.” Regular readers will remember our quest last spring to find out what kind of bird this was. We never did. But, he’s back. The reassuring call of Mr. Popslider promises that things are getting better and looking up.

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