Christmas Is Just Another Day

Christmas is almost here. This is going to be a tough one. We will do our stocking stuffers, just like always. You always liked the “scratch-and-sniff” lotto cards, so we’ll have a few in each stocking. “The fellers” are going to grouse if there aren’t any new Bears for Christmas, but if I can’t find any that are suitable for our crowd, we’ll just have to wait until Valentines.

I asked my old high school friend in Oakland if he had plans for Christmas. You’ll remember that he lost both his parents in recent years. He replied, “Christmas is just another day.”

I said that, if he felt that way about it, would he mind a visitor for a little while on that Sunday, since it’s only just another day? So, we’ll get together, just for an hour or two. I bought a ham for dinner that day, but you know the smallest they sell is enough to feed five or six hungry people. Maybe I’ll bring it with me, so we can bake it while mashing potatoes. If he has no plans, that is, and if that’s not violating the spirit of the occasion. Christmas is just another day, but there’s no sense in getting through a day with TV dinners when you can have smoked ham and mashed spuds.

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