Week Five

Every winter the pundits observe how some people do not do well in the dark, cold, stormy months. I was never one to slump into clinical depression with a few days of bad weather. This year, it has been a little tougher for me to hang on to thoughts of sunnier days and happier times.

Today a high pressure area brought us sunshine and locally spring-like weather. I was able to open up the slider and air out the house. I sat out on the balcony and puffed on my pipe. A soaring seagull reminded me of you. Just being on the balcony reminds me of you. Your chair of honor is folded up against the wall, where we stow the canvas deck chairs for rainy weather.

I saw a rustling in the trees and broke out the binoculars. I saw Mr. Squirrel! This is the first sighting since, you know. Others would never understand all our fuss about the squirrels, or how our Bears report faithfully every sighting in the evening calls to their brothers in Phoenix. No matter, it meant a lot to us. I think we took it as a sign of good luck and healthiness in nature. I’m encouraged that seeing “Mr. Squirrel” had the power to bring happiness to my heart.

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